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....freedom through the art of yoga
Freedom in Body.     Freedom in Breath.     Freedom in Mind.

Namaste and welcome to the Mokshanam Yoga website! Mokshanam is a Sanskrit word derived from moksha, which means freedom. To realize freedom in our everyday experiences, yoga teaches that all obstacles and internal conflicts must first be overcome. Yoga practice serves as a means to embody our true potential of creativity, compassion, and understanding which has otherwise been blocked or shout-out through an illusion of division from the infinite, or undefined. Traditionally, yoga teachings point one back to the original union with the infinite rather than focusing on the cause of the division. While it is most common for modern-day yogis to begin practicing with yoga postures, Mokshanam Yoga offers the opportunity to deepen one's physical, mental, and spiritual yoga practice.

Mokshanam Yoga follows the Yogastha Sadhana discipline and the 8-limb path of Raja Yoga. By aligning with time-tested practices, one will recognize and appreciate measurable development in their yoga practice. From following a proven path, one walks upon firm ground for much-needed support on their own yoga journey. The path of a yogi is a human path where struggles that arise are not dismissed but rather understood through the yogic lens of knowledge for what shapes existence or the Seen. With an understanding of cause and effect, karma, the opportunity to choose one's participation/attachment to what is being shaped. Freedom comes first as the willful choice of participation with the Seen, and ultimately unveils the Seer of the Seen. The Seer is not the body, the Seer is not the mind, the Seer is the soul the unnamed and formless from which all names and form arise. The embodiment of this in one's heart is Mokshanam. Om.  
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Welcome from Aaron

Aaron Cassada is a practitioner of the Yogastha Sadhana method and has been authorized as a Yogastha teacher since 2020. Starting his yoga journey in 2017 as a means of shoulder therapy, Aaron quickly became fascinated with the body's capability to heal itself through mindful movement and intentional breathing. He aspires to help others heal by discovering their own potential through the grounded teachings of a disciplined yoga practice. He currently teaches weekly classes in the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area, as well as private lessons by appointment or from online platforms such as Zoom.
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Private and Semi-private class, as well as workshops and other yoga courses are always avalaible upon request.  

If you have any questions in regards to what's being presented through Mokshanam, or any other yoga questions,
please contact Aaron by e-mail from below.  Namaste.

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