Class Schedule - Mokshanam Yoga

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Class Schedule
Aaron is primarily set up as a private yoga teacher. Aaron mostly works with students 1-on-1 or small groups by request.  Private, or 1-on-1, yoga class offer students the opportunity to ask questions with their practice while getting instruction specific to the student’s development. Group classes come by the request and organization of students who are interested in practicing with an uplifting group energy.

Please contact Aaron if you are interested in private lessons or organizing a group class/workshop.

Workshops w/ focus point avaliable upon group request
(also avaliable to yoga studios)

Building a meditation practice w/ yoga philosophy
(with established asana practice already in place)

Yoga Therapy
(personal mentorship through the yogic lense)

Health Coaching
(yoga posture routine + informative diet counceling)
Private/Semi-Private Class.....$100 (90min)

Group Class.....$Agreed Amount / #students (90min)

CASH is the preferred method of payment.
Fees apply for virtual transfers.
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